Yoga Hammock

Yoga Hammock Classes

Full Body Strength with Yoga Hammock

Keeping our bodies strong is an important part of protecting our health in the long run and keeping our mobility.

But going to gym isn't everyone's favorite thing to do. Full Body Strength with Yoga Hammock offers a fun way to incorporate strength work into your week in a whole new way!

Full Body Stretch with Yoga Hammock

This class is focused on full body stretching (big surprise!) as well as incorporating breathing techniques, increasing body awareness, and reducing stress.

We will cover upper body, spinal care, lower body, & more! Join us for a relaxing and fun class!

NOTE: Washington & North Peoria Folks - we also teach Yoga Hammock classes at AerFire Aerial Arts & Fitness - you can check the schedule and register through their studio for that location.

Book Private Yoga Hammock Sessions with Your Friends

Want to book a session with a friend or a group of friends?? We are happy to open the studio up at your convenience. Message Joyce for availability.

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