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Here are some of my favorites products and DIY supplies for the home.

Support Your Body

Healthy Blood Pressure and Mineral Levels

Solè - This is a solution made from Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and filtered water. Simply soaking large salt crystals in water for 24 hours creates a super saturated solution full of minerals. Add 1 tsp of the solution to 8 oz of fresh water and drink on an empty stomach each morning.

Flower of the Ocean Sea Salt - this is some fo the best sea salt to use in your daily cooking. It's mineral rich and tastes great. Perfect for supporting healthy digestion and healthy blood pressure.

Trace Minerals - another great tool for getting more minerals into your body through the day. Add a few drops to filtered fresh water and drink around 20 minutes before meals.

Healthy Blood Sugar and Weight Loss Support

Blood Sugar Monitor - Understanding how our food is affecting our blood sugar is a key part of staying healthy. It can also help us see why we are struggling to lose weight! This little kit has everything you need to get started.

Dry Skin Brushes:

Facebrush – Dry brushing the face can have great benefits but you need a special brush for it – this is the one I use and LOVE.

Body Brush – This is the brush I use regularly as a body brush. They have a stronger option but I like this one for arms, legs, and torso.

Energy Brush – a body brush with a twist.

DIY & Healthy Home

Beeswax – another important ingredient in moisturizers, sunscreen, lip balm, and more. I prefer these small beads or pellets as they are easy to measure.

Rosehip Seed Oil - I have fallen in love with this oil in my anti-aging roller blends. I use it as half of my carrier oil (the other half is fractionated coconut oil). Perfect for aging or dry skin!

Shea Butter – I use this to make natural moisturizers, sunscreen, and other fun DIY projects. I like this kind also because it is soft and easy to measure.

16 oz. Glass Spray Bottles - we use these for the All Purpose Cleaner and Glass Cleaner recipes

Spiralizer – spiral cut zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes and more!

Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit – the easiest way to make kraut for beginners! LOVE THESE!

1/2 Gallon Wide Mouth Canning Jars – excellent for storing leftovers and making kraut

Instant Pot 6 Quart – another favorite in the kitchen! Make amazing hot, whole food meals in minutes!

Foaming Handwash Containers – must have by any sink in our house! Super cheap and effective handwash, anytime! Purchase my custom labels at www.funoilstuff.com under Themed Collections

Castile Soap for Foaming Handwash – Unscented is always best. This size will last you for 1-2 years typically!

Stainless Steel Straws – Perfect for the kiddos or anyone who loves a straw in their drink but need to get away from plastics!

Food Funnel – This making storing food in glass jar easy and less messy – we’ve had the same one for years.

Flower of the Ocean Celtic Sea Salt – Our favorite high mineral sea salt (we call it crunchy salt).

Wool Dryer Balls – Say goodbye to those nasty dryer sheets forever! I recommend getting the 6-pack.

Pop Up Drying Rack – Dry your synthetic fabric clothes here – NOT in the dryer. (Prevents static cling!!)

Laundry Detergent – This is my favorite brand! and what we use exclusively.

Castile Soap – Staple ingredient for natural recipes! I recommend the unscented so you can mix up your aroma with essential oils each time.

Foaming Wash Containers – Hand wash, face wash, body wash – you will need several of these!!

Baking Soda (5 lb) – That’s right – the big bag!! You will use it, don’t worry

Essential Oil Accessories

Dedicated dropper tops for 5mL and 15mL essential oil bottles - I use these for those super strong oils in the kitchen: oregano, thyme, cinnamon, and turmeric. They help you control the amount you are using more easily!

Spray tops for 5mL and 15mL essential oil bottles - These are great for creating spray bottles out of your empty oil bottles.

Bulk Roller Bottles – The minimum is around 48 rollers for $21 so it’s not huge amounts. But the quality is fantastic! I use the clear ones but there are colored options too (just a bit more cost) Love SKS

Travel Car Diffusers - I LOVE my car diffuser. I use this particular model because it’s durable and works great. You only need 1 - 2 drops of essential oil in these, any more and it will overwhelm your car!

Oil Key - this tool makes it super easy to open ANY essential oil bottle or roller so you can refill it!

Refrigerator Magnet Oil Bottle Holders (Pack of 12) - We use these to store our favorite kitchen oils right on our refrigerator. Super cute and easy to see what we have!

Oils Storage for the Wall - Staying organized is important. These racks make it easy to keep your oils up and away from small children plus they look nice! If you don’t like this one search nail polish racks on Amazon. They are the right size for our oil bottles too. There are tons of sizes and styles.

Wood Oils Storage for the Counter - I LOVE this wooden storage shelf for our oils. We have two - one for my office and one for the living room. The drawer is perfect for storing your odds and ends.

I get my diffusers, coconut oil, stickers, and oils from doTERRA. You can shop oils and accessories here but I recommend you check out my oils page first to see the starter kit options (best deal!!).

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