is Not Just

a Place, it's

a Feeling.

We want to feel comfortable, safe, and confident at home.

But many of us are questioning if the products we use at home are lending themselves to this goal.

More and more people want to cut back on some of the harmful products used in their home - but they struggle with:

  • Getting overwhelmed by all of the information out there.

  • Knowing which products are truly beneficial and which are just a marketing scheme.

  • Feeling like it's going to be time consuming or hard to make the switch.

  • Worry about feeling stuck with products they don't really like - but feeling like they "should' use them because they are natural.

  • Knowing where to start.

  • Not wanting to be lectured about how "terrible" all of the products they use at home are.

Switching to more natural options does not need to be hard or overwhelming.


  • Learning a relaxed approach to choosing more natural options over time.
  • Exploring your home room by room, coming to understand the biggest sources of harmful substances so you can make changes when you are ready.
  • Grabbing fun, effective, and easy DIY recipes that you can mix in 30 seconds or less.
  • Learning super simple things you can swap out over time to identify what will work for you and your family.

My husband and I gradually transitioned our home to natural options over several years. It's such an easy approach!

Ready to gain a new perspective on your home??

Join one of our Upcoming Workshops

Healthy Home Workshop Series

PSW Studio, Bartonville, IL

Session I: Healthy Kitchen

Topics include: Topics include cleaning, food storage, & cookware. We will make a quick Lemon Cleaning Scrub. Investment: $30 (includes DIY Make & Take Supplies).

2024 Dates TBA

Session II: More Natural in the Bathroom

Topics include cleaning and personal care. Our DIY item is Foaming Wash. Investment: $30 (includes Make & Take Supplies).

2024 Dates TBA

Session III: Cozy, Comfortable (and Healthy) Living Areas

Topics include Laundry, Living Rooms, Bedrooms, & More. DIY Item is All Purpose Cleaner. Investment: $30 (includes Make & Take Supplies)

2024 Dates TBA

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